Miles for Maddie

I've made so much progress since our last big fund raising event. I have had cochlear implants fitted so I can hear and my eye sight is improving all the time.


I still struggle with tone issues especially the low tone in my neck and trunk which means I can not hold my head up for long and can not sit unsupported but I've has started nursery at Kingwood and I love it.


Recently I have had a trial for a trike.  All kids love bikes and, at the age of 2 1/2, it's time for me to give it a go. I will need to practice using the high tone in my legs to turn the pedals and get me moving.


As usual its not as simple as getting a bike from Halfords like mummy and daddy did for Oliver. This is specialist kit which will hold my body and feet in position and, as with anything that I need or would like, it isn't cheap.


We thought it would be a brilliant idea to get family and friends together to help raise the money we need to buy me my own trike by using theirs!


I am hoping people will join in with a sponsored 15 mile ish bike ride from Willand along the canal and back, in the beautiful Devonshire countryside. Oliver and friends will be doing a sponsored 5 mile bike ride so feel free to tag along to the Mini Miles for Maddie if you can't manage all 15 miles!


Mummy and me will stay back and find somewhere nice to meet afterwards for a cup of tea and some cake.



Thanks for reading and I do hope you will join in.


Madeline  xx


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